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Design & Technology Curriculum Page


Our School Curriculum

Our school complete a variety of creative and exciting activities to meet the objectives for design and technology throughout the National Curriculum from Years 1-6. Teachers plan using 'Projects on a Page' linked to their IPC topic to meet the required objectives for each Year Group.

Design and Technology is the perfect opportunity for children to develop their resilience and curiosity skills. We will be allowing children to use many new resources including different types of knives, hack saws, hand drills and paper cutting knives. They will be used in small guided groups. In order for children to develop their resilience they must be allowed to take risks! There will be a lot of exciting projects coming soon.


It is important that Design and Technology is taught as a process and involves evaluating existing products, planning a new product, creating and evaluating their own product. This is an inspiring and exciting subject which could be the future career of many children. They will have opportunities to follow this design process for food technology, textiles, creating structures using card and wood, mechanical systems and electrical systems.

Take a look at Design and Technology across the school below.