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Advice and Complaints


 Classroom complaints to be dealt with by the classroom teacher first.

If you need to discuss this further please make an appointment to see your child's Phase Leader. If you are still dissatisfied please make an appointment to see the Deputy Headteachers.


Early Years Foundation Stage

(Nursery & Reception)

Please see Mrs Goulding as EYFS Leader

Key Stage 1

(Years 1 & 2)

Please see Mrs Newnham as Phase 1 Leader


Key Stage Two

(Years 3 & 4)

 Please see Miss Rehal as Phase 2 Leader

(Years 5 & 6)

 Please see Mrs Prajapati as Phase 3 Leader



If your concerns require the attention of the Headteacher please contact  Mrs Simpson via the school office - 0116 2461732


For any other support or advice please contact the school office - 0116 2461732.


Please click here to see our complaints procedure statement